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Neon Monday #206 - Variable Font Course is Open

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The Variable Font Course is Open!

From the moment variable fonts were introduced (on September 14, 2016), I have been fascinated by the technique. It gives type designers a lot of creative freedom, both in terms of new forms of expression and typographic sophistication. It adds new dimensions to typography (motion, programmability) and breathes new life into old qualities (optical size, grade).

But... how do you actually make a variable font? That is what Jeroen Disch and I asked ourselves two years ago. We went looking for a maestro who could teach us. We found him in Arthur Reinders Folmer (aka Typearture). And in order not to keep that knowledge to ourselves, we organized four workshops with more than 100 participants.

These workshops formed the basis for the Variable Font Course, on which we have been working recently. In 11 video lessons, Arthur teaches you how to create a variable color font using Glyphs App, process it in HTML/CSS, and have it animate in the browser.

Check it out:

Tha trailer

Our goal is to make variable fonts accessible to the largest possible group of designers, developers, type lovers, students, and other creatives. The course has been completely rewritten and updated. In a few hours, you have created your first variable font. How cool is that :)

This is what you are going to learn:

Course leader Arthur Reinders Folmer is one of the leading typographers in the variable font world. Arthur won awards from Communication Arts and Type Directors Club. His experimental work consists of a Frankensteinian combination of variable fonts, color fonts, and illustrations. Type designer Ulrike Rausch did not call him "the absolute craziest variable color font designer on planet earth!" for nothing.

Check out his type experiments on Instagram.

I am super excited about the lessons Arthur has put together. It turned out exactly what I had hoped for: practical, substantive, and fun :) It's really cool that we can finally make the course public; Arthur, Jeroen, and I worked hard on it. I'm curious what you think of it - let me know!


  • 11 video lessons, plus 3 bonuses

  • Everything is explained step by step, from designing a basic font in Glyphs App to making the variable font interactive in the web browser

  • For every level, from beginner to experienced type designer

  • English, subtitled

  • Learn at your own pace

  • World-class course instructor

  • Unlimited access to the course, 4evah

We are launching the Variable Font Course with a fat introductory discount. Only this month, you pay 99 euros. Starting in May, the price will go up.

You can join today at variablefontcourse.com 🎈🎈🎈

This Week

21 - 22 April

The Art Department is a festival on concept art, design and craftmanship in film, animation and games will take place again in the industrial venue Klokgebouw.

21 April

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22 April / €30

Join the social stream or watch on-demand special edition of the Internet(s) of Everything sessions featuring 3 conversations curated under the theme 'Designing for Regenerative (Inter)thinking', where we'll explore and discuss alternative world-views on socio-technical, media and living systems shaping life in Planet Earth.

through April 24

European Media Art Festival the Forum of international Media Arts. For five days, Osnabrück will become an international and trend-setting platform for media art and a meeting place for artists, curators, researchers and students. The exhibition at Kunsthalle Osnabrück will be on view until 29 May 2022.

See you next week.

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— Thomas

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