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Neon Monday #210 — This week around the world 🌍🌎🌏

Your weekly email of upcoming design and creativity meet-ups, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions around the world! Find all upcoming events on neonmoire.com

😍 Featured Event

June 9th–11th, 2022. Brisbane, Australia & Livestream / All-day

The Design Conference is an event that navigates the future of design. From insights and advice to anecdotes of self-care and growth, this experience will help you find your path, expand your mind and learn from those who came before you.

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🤙 This Week

3 - 26 May, Online

Community festival celebrating the creative process. Connect, collaborate and create at our hands-on talks, workshops, and community initiatives throughout May. Tickets are £59 and include a 1-year membership to the Design Calendar Community ☺︎

13 - 17 May, Berlin / All-day

A MAZE. / Berlin is an international festival focusing on the art and culture of games and playful media. A MAZE. / Berlin invites professionals, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and other curious people to experience inspiring talks and workshops, four nights of music, and a life-changing exhibition.

14 - 22 May, Munich / All-day

The Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) is the largest design event in Germany. With the theme ‘Moving Horizons’, this year’s edition of MCBW will show close to 100 analog, hybrid, and digital exhibitions, conferences, streams, workshops, and webinars that address fans and experts in the field of design.

17-19 May / All-day

The Future of Everything Festival makes sense of the world through the lens of the global forces that will shape it now, and in the future. It’s the definitive gathering for the smart, the curious and the ambitious.

18 May at Studio Zeeburg, Amsterdam

The release of her fourth edition of Sketches, containing an abundance of new type experiments, presents the perfect occasion for Hansje to discuss her unique work and methodology at letterspace.

Listen to our interview with graphic designer Hansje van Halem. In this episode, we talk about the graphic style she created for Lowlands.

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18 May / Online

A transformative peer to peer coaching session by What Design Can Do and Designplatform Rotterdam

18 May at Vitsœ, New York, NY.

magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie will be in conversation with Caitlin Thompson, co-founder and publisher of Racquet, and Oriana Leckert, Director of Publishing & Comics Outreach at Kickstarter.

19 May, Hamburg / All-day

aXbt – For the Joy of Work (a beyond tellerrand day in Hamburg). 2022 and awork and beyond tellerrand teamed up (hence aXbt) to bring you a one day spin-off event in Hamburg. All under the theme of "For the Joy of Work". on May 19th

19 May at Futurium, Berlin

Making Sense investigates how you can create immersive experiences that embrace all senses.

20 May 2022 at Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam

The queen of the book tells of her monk's work.

20 May at Vitsœ, New York, NY

For the last in the series, magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie will be in conversation with two leading lights of the indie scene in New York; LinYee Yuan, founder and editor of Mold, and Kurt Woerpel, art director at Interview Magazine, Civilization illustrator, and Co-Director of TXTbooks.

20 May / Online

In a world where business and creative professionals are tasked with getting an answer quickly, the method of reading that Dev espouses helps the break the cycle, sit with the not-knowing and travel to the edges of your imagination. Join us on May 20 to hear from Dev Aujla how reading is a way of living. For in-person click here

22 May, New York City / All-day

magCulture Live for creative inspiration from speakers behind some of NYC's best contemporary magazines.

Curious to know which events happen in June? Look no further, click here!

Arthur Reinders Folmer from Typearture teaches you in 11 lessons how to create a working variable color font and implement it in a website using HTML/CSS.

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