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Neon Monday - Digital Design, Front-end and innovation in creative technologies

Welcome to this special edition of Neon Monday.

In this newsletter, we highlight conferences organized around a specific creative discipline. Today we look at events that cover Digital Design, Front-end development, and innovation in creative technologies.

Working as a designer, developer or creative person in general on the web can be challenging. From sketching your first idea to translating your idea into an interactive piece contains many elements, you have to master.

Next to that, you are navigating the ever-changing design trends, popular tools, or protocols to use in your current or upcoming project. You have to keep laser-focused on your project. At the same time be open to new and interesting developments, like the current wave of Web3.

Industry-leading conferences help you navigate these current developments. They curated a thoughtful program. With a line-up of known and unknown creatives from around the world. Who are laser-focused on their goals. Often they are an expert in their field because of their focus. Even more often they are happy to share their knowledge in friendly and inclusive environments. As listed below.

With the return of in-person events in 2022. Networking, and making connections with your peers will be happening again. As never before. If you are planning to travel for a conference, please note that every location has different regulations around covid. Be sure to check the event website for pandemic-related details. This will prevent confusion about for example wearing a mask or not.

When you travel to attend an event add a couple of days extra –if you can– to explore the city or countryside. So you can digest your experiences, and think about the content you absorbed. When back home, share your newly gained knowledge and energy with your family, friends, and colleagues. So they can thrive as well.

Enjoy your conference experience.

Smashing Magazine’s in-person conferences are back. Their conferences are known for that mix between inspiring and practical talks on what’s happening in web design and development, and that friendly community atmosphere.

San Francisco features a 2-day single-track conference with speakers on topics like web performance, SVG animation, and Design Systems by speakers such as Pablo Stanley, Miriam Suzanne, and Brad Frost. Before and after the conference, practical full-day workshops are also available.

  • June 20–23, 2022

  • Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Tickets from $699

One week after their San Francisco conference, SmashingConf comes to Austin for the first time. They're so excited to go to Texas this June, and you can join them for a friendly and inclusive 2-day conference for designers and front-end developers. With topics like Design Systems, Product Design, and Accessibility. Before and after the conference, practical full-day workshops are also available. Just like in San Francisco, Online tickets are available too.

  • June 27–30, 2022

  • Zach Theatre, Austin, TX, USA

  • Tickets from $649

The ultimate three-day conference for anyone and everyone in the technology and creative spaces. Enhance your skills. Learn new techniques. Be inspired by your peers.

  • April 11-13, 2022

  • Online

  • Tickets: CA$215.10

The softest "tech conference" the world will ever see. On 22 and 23 April, Softer will explore how to lead the future of digital art, design, and technology in a softer direction. With talks, workshops, good food, music and meeting new people.

  • April 22-23, 2022

  • Copenhagen

  • Tickets from DKK 595,00

11th edition of beyond tellerrand. beyond tellerrand is the affordable single-track event where creativity and technology meet. For talks about web, design, technology, typography, and much more. In the renowned friendly atmosphere.

  • May 2-3, 2022

  • DĂĽsseldorf & Streaming

  • Tickets from €49

Get ready for two days of insights and connections to help you restore and rediscover your love of product as Women In Product Conference brings together the most revolutionary women in product management and discusses what it takes to build better, together. This conference is an opportunity for you to reconnect with the parts of yourself that make you thrive in your work and reawaken the passion you hold for product management.

  • May 10-11, 2022

  • Online

  • Tickets from $249

Config, Figma’s annual conference

We believe that Config should be available to everyone, anywhere. That’s why this year, it’s 24 hours long. Don’t let the lengthy agenda trick you into guzzling energy drinks, though—it just means that there are more talks to tune in to—no matter where you are in the world. Join for as much as you can, but don’t feel like you have to beat the clock—all talks will be recorded and shared out the week after the conference so you can catch up on what you missed.

  • May 10-11, 2022

  • Online

  • Tickets: Free after registration

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Design Matters Tokyo is a 2-day design conference with workshops focusing on Japan and Scandinavia. Design Matters is a Copenhagen-based conference on digital design. Design Matters Tokyo is a place to gather together, share ideas, and discuss experiences.

  • May 14-15, 2022

  • Tokyo and Live Stream

  • Tickets from ÂĄ26,000

beyond tellerrand and awork teamed up (hence the aXbt) to bring you a one-day spin-off event in Hamburg. All under the theme of For the Joy of Work. Speakers include Stefan Sagmeister, Sharon Steed, Elliot Jay Stocks, and many more.

  • May 18 - 19, 2022

  • Hamburg, Germany

  • Tickets: €79

CSS Day (9th of June) will feature sessions by seven world-class speakers about curious, badly-known, or otherwise interesting CSS features. dsgnday (10th of June) does the same, but for design and UX.

  • June 9-10, 2022

  • Amsterdam

  • Tickets from €650 + 21% vat

An affordable full-day community conference of practical and inspiring front-end talks, featuring eight world-class speakers, preceded by a workshop day. This time with LĂ©onie Watson, Rachel Andrew, Gavin Strange, and more!

  • June 10, 2022

  • Bristol

  • Tickets from ÂŁ125 + 20% vat

beyond tellerrand is back in Berlin to celebrate creativity and inspiration. With motivating, thoughtful and educational talks, workshops, and side events about web, design, technology, and typography.

  • September 1-2, 2022

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Tickets €299

Three exciting days with some of the most influential speakers of the industry, who inspire, teach, and guide us as we face the many challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in the future of the web.

  • September 14-16

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Tickets from €363.00

Design Matters is a conference on new movements in Digital Design. The conference brings together practitioners from the best and most happening companies around the world. Design Matters involves a knowledgeable community of creative and curious minds who share the same drive and passion for digital design, technology, art, and society. The conference and workshops are curated by designers, for designers!

  • September 28-29, 2022

  • Copenhagen with Live Stream

  • Tickets from DKK 2000 (265 EUR / 325 USD)

Nordic.js is a single track JavaScript conference with talks by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars in the JavaScript community. You’ll hear about fun experiments, learn about the latest in JavaScript, and connect with other passionate developers.

  • October 6-7, 2022

  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Ticket 6400sek

The 11th edition of KIKK, an international festival of digital & creative cultures that explores the crossovers between art, science, and technology. The program includes conferences, workshops, an art exhibition, outdoor art installations, a market with makers, startups, and DIY projects, a pro area as well as electronic music parties.

  • October 27-30

  • Namur, Belgium

  • Tickets, TBA

That’s it for Digital Design, Front-end development, and innovation in creative technologies festivals!

I love to hear from you. Let me know what your favorite event is. If you’re planning to attend any of the listed events and have a question, you can pick my brain here or DM me on Linkedin. I am happy to help you.

If you want to share your experience, just reply to this email. Happy to share your story.

Are you missing an event in this newsletter, feel free to submit it, I’ll review and update this post.

If this issue of Neon Monday inspired you, share it with a friend, and you want to help me make more like it, you can buy me a coffee or promote your upcoming event or product in this newsletter or on our homepage. Thanks for your support! 🙏

Cheers, Thomas

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