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Last week I created a leaderboard for the year 2023, indexing all event speakers listed in this newsletter and on In June, I noticed that some speakers were presenting at more than 5 events. Two weeks ago a new event announcement with several names I had seen in other lineups. Confirming my hunch, I scraped our own data, event websites and the Internet Archive (!) to create a list of now 1653 people who spoke at 51 events. Currently, 7 of the top 10 are women, including number one. Something I did not expect.

The leaderboard is far from complete... if you spoke at or organized an event with three or more people, please share it with me and I will be happy to include you.

You can follow the development on my instagram stories.

Upcoming events this week

Week 41 - 9 to 15 October

SmashingConf Antwerp - Meet us here (Tuesday)
📅 Monday, 9 to Thursday, 12 October 2023
📍 Antwerp, Belgium 🇧🇪
SmashingConf Antwerp is a brand new conference on design & UX by Smashing Magazine. For designers and UI engineers who love the web. On design systems, usability, product design and complex UI challenges. Boost your design skills, the smashing way.

Adobe Max
📅 Tuesday, 10 to Thursday, 12 October 2023
📍 Los Angels, Online, USA 🇺🇸
Adobe's annual events where you can learn the latest Adobe announcements, attend 300+ sessions, labs, creativity workshops and network with each other.

Black Tech Fest
📅 Tuesday, 10 to Thursday, 12 October 2023
📍 Online, London, UK
Started in 2020, Black Tech Fest is Europe`s largest event of its kind, 3 days dedicated to celebrating Black culture and its influence on technology. Convening Black talent, allies and the world`s leading tech companies to connect, network, and discover.

Productized Conference
📅 Wednesday, 11 to Friday, 13 October 2023
📍 Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹
At Productized Conference 2023, you will enjoy 2-days of workshops and practical tips, all based in the heart of Lisbon, on October 11-12. Are you interested in Product Management, Product Discovery, Design Thinking, or Service Design? Productized stands in the intersection of business, tech, and design.

📅 Wednesday, 11 to Friday, 13 October 2023
📍 Dublin, Online, Ireland 🇮🇪
Learn how Product, UX, Design and Dev can work together to build products customer love and how managers can empower teams while ensuring business outcomes

Awwwards Conference
📅 Wednesday, 11 to Friday, 13 October 2023
📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱
Multiple times a year Awwwards organize a Digital Thinkers Conference. Showcasing, in iconic location, digital visionaries, thought leaders, top agencies and designers from across the world to share their secrets, and open new dialogues about the future of the web.

Design Talks & Networking | Mexico
📅 Wednesday, 11 October 2023
📍 Online
An online meetup, by designers for designers. Ever wondered about the digital design scene in Latin America? Join this a free online session of lighting talks and friendly networking like you never tried before. This event will feature talks by inspiring Latinx and international designers, who will bring the excitement of real-life interaction.

Fixing the Future Festival
📅 Thursday, 12 to Saturday, 14 October 2023
📍 Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸
Over three packed days, Fixing the Future will bring together the best 25 future-shaping projects from across the world – from adapting AI technologies to farming innovation to drought mitigation to creative recycling. Meet the change-makers over a range of panel discussions, debates, workshops and performances.

AIGA Design Conference
📅 Thursday, 12 to Saturday, 14 October 2023
📍 New York City, USA 🇺🇸
Brings the design community together in a once-in-a-lifetime, cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas about the changing world of design.

Design Thinking Conference
📅 Thursday, 12 and Friday, 13 October 2023
📍 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱
Design Thinking Conference is an annual event focused on exploring the power of empathy, the first phase of the Design Thinking process. Based on a theatrical format. Design Thinking Conference invites participants to be part of the Act, and actively experience the world through different viewpoints throughout the 2-day conference.

Biennale internationale de design graphique
Closing Weekend
📅 to 28 October 2023
📍 Le Signe, Chaumont 🇫🇷
Le Signe, National centre for Graphic design in France, returns this year for the 4th edition of its famous Biennale internationale de design graphique in Chaumont
👉 Friday 13 October: Conference day, with Vanina Pinter, Margaret Gray, Marion Kueny, Quintal Atelier, Élise Gay & Kévin Donnot and many others. Electro night with Binary Digit and RONI.
👉 Saturday 14 October: Opening of the exhibition “Inventons le présent”

OFFF Mexico
📅 Friday, 13 and Saturday, 14 October 2023
📍 Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽
OFFF Mexico is an international festival that welcomes innovative local and international talent to share their experiences in the fields of creativity, digital culture and innovation.

📅 Friday, 13 October 2023
📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱
During ADNIGHT, doors will be opened that would usually be closed. Creative agencies all around Amsterdam will allow you a peek into their creative 'kitchens'. They organize workshops, talks, tours, and offer you a chance to see their work and meet their people. With a diverse line up of agencies ranging from creative and design to film and music production and anything in between there is more than enough to discover!

Web Unleashed
📅 Saturday, 14 to Monday 16, October 2023
📍 Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦, Online
Now in its 12th year, Web Unleashed is the ultimate conference for front-end web development professionals. We bring the community together, connecting like-minded individuals who share a passion for their work and for the industry.

View Conference
📅 Sunday, 15 to Friday, 20 October 2023
📍 Turin, Italy 🇮🇹 
VIEW Conference focus on exploring the increasingly fluid boundary between real and digital worlds. Through lectures, meetings, tributes, exhibits, screenings and demo presentations VIEW will reveal the new digital frontier sweeping from cinema to architecture, from automotive design to advertisement, from medicine to videogames.

Which event(s) are you attending? Let me know in the comments, below.

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