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Speaker Leaderboard

Two weeks ago I created a leaderboard for the year 2023, indexing all event speakers listed in this newsletter and on In June, I noticed that some speakers were presenting at more than 5 events. three weeks ago a new event announcement with several names I had seen in other lineups. Confirming my hunch, I scraped our own data, event websites and the Internet Archive (!) to create a list of now 1653 1531 people who spoke at 51 63 events. Currently, the top 3 are women. Something I did not expect.

The leaderboard is far from complete... if you spoke at or organized an event with three or more people, please share it with me and I will be happy to include you.

You can follow the development on my instagram stories.


The Kernference, is a 3-day virtual summit, November 1–3, bringing the global type community together.

KIKK Festival is back for its 12th edition on 26-29 October in Namur, Belgium. Expect 4-days of an intense program exploring art, science, technology and society through a comprehensive program diving into the best of digital and creative cultures.

Design events happening this week 🍂

Week 42 - 16 to 23 October

📅 Monday, 16 to Thursday, 19 October 2023
📍 Portland, USA 🇺🇸
Button is an event about content design and UX writing. If you care about making content in digital products and services better for everyone, then Button is where you belong!

Design for Planet Festival
📅 Tuesday, 17 and Wednesday, 18 October 2023
📍 Norwich, UK
This year's theme is Collaborate. This is essential if we are going to design for a regenerative planet. Collaboration can take many different forms including: consumers, working with nature, AI development, building supply chains, cross-industry business ventures, gathering together practices of different disciplines from engineering to performing arts.

📅 Thursday, 19 to Saturday, 21 October 2023
📍 Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸
3 days festival related to design and creativity! Professionals and students are welcome!

Push Conference
📅 Thursday, 19 and Friday, 20 October 2023
📍 Munich, Germany 🇩🇪
PUSH UX is a lovingly crafted platform for hands-on design professionals, product minded innovators and creative technologists.

George UX Conf
📅 Thursday, 19 October 2023
📍 Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 
George UX Conf is an exceptional UX design event with visionary experts, creative peers, and international top speakers. Connect, exchange ideas, and gain insights into user experience, design processes, and the future of money. Vienna waits for you. George welcomes you.

📅 Friday, 20 October 2023
📍 Faro, Portugal 🇵🇹
Connecting designers with the future of Design and Technology

Dutch Design Week - Meet us here
📅 Saturday, 21 to Sunday, 29 October 2023
📍 Eindhoven, The Netherlands 🇳🇱
Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe, brings together over 2,600 designers and creatives each year to showcase the latest in design and innovation.

Next week - 23 to 29 October

Nicer Tuesday: October
📅 Tuesday 24 October 2023
📍 New York City, USA
Second installment of Nicer Tuesdays NYC, welcoming Sydney-born comedic graphic designer Elliot Ulm, and renowned local illustrator Ping Zhu.

KIKK Festival
📅 Thursday, 26 to Sunday, 29 October 2023
📍 Namur, Belgium
For four days, digital artists and companies and the general public will be coming together to exchange ideas, learn and network in a festive and creative setting. This unique international event in Belgium aims to bring together, inspire and highlight the most innovative projects through conferences, meetings, exhibitions and demonstrations. This festival has become a not-to-be-missed event, offering the chance to discover developments in a teeming, bubbling world, gain a better understanding of its codes and question its challenges.

Pictoplasma NYC
📅 Thursday, 26 and Friday, 27 October 2023
📍 New York City, USA 🇺🇸
Pictoplasma, the leading character design conference from Berlin, finally returns to New York for its ninth edition—to present the freshest talents and probe the workings of the creative mind on character.

📅 Thursday, 26 to Sunday, 29 October 2023
📍 Braga, Portugal 🇵🇹
Semibreve is a exploratory electronic music and digital art festival taking place in Braga, Portugal. Since 2011 Semibreve has consistently presented a forward-thinking programme featuring some of the most revered electronic music and cross-disciplinary work by artists from around the world, as well as maintaining an active role in the promotion of the digital arts in Portugal.

📅 Thursday, 26 and Friday, 27 October 2023
📍 Nuremberg, Germany 🇩🇪
A non-profit conference spinning out of the web community, dedicated to finding modern ways of thinking, designing and creating desirable futures.

Which event(s) are you attending? Let me know in the comments, below.

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