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Neon Moiré Newsletter #286 / week 10, 4 to 10 March

Your weekly design event guide

Critical Futures Talks: a new event and podcast series by the Master in Design for Responsible AI

The Master in Design for Responsible AI by Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and IAM is organizing Critical Futures Talks, a new series of hybrid events, interviews, and a podcast featuring a range of eclectic perspectives from faculty, current program participants, and special guests on the intersection of Responsible AI, media, and design in a state of climate emergency. The Critical Futures Talks are open to the public, both as free in-person events in Barcelona, at the Aleix Carrió Room in Elisava, and online via livestream.


Updated my Copenhagen article for 2024, with four incredible design conferences. What have these annual events have in common? They are community-driven and designed to have interaction, the interaction between participants, speakers, and the local community.

Must watch: Rob Hope's re-creation of his talk at WebflowConf London

Rob Hope, founder of One Page Love, recreated his WebflowConf London lightning talk on improving landing page conversions. In this talk Rob shares valuable insights on how to create converting landing pages. In addition to the evergreen content, Rob also does something novel. He retells his talk, adding some personal notes so you can connect with his story on a personal level. This way of presenting your not recorded talk is in my opinion smart, its more interesting than just sharing your slides, without context, and since its evergreen content, Rob can bennefit from it many years to come.
Two key takeaways from Rob Hope's re-created talk are:

  1. If there is no recording of your conference talk, record it when you get back, with a personal comment or two, and share it with your audience.

  2. Educational conference talks with a blend of timeless wisdom and personal connection maximise the longevity and impact of your message.

This week

Critical Futures Talks #3: Caroline Sinders
Tuesday, 4 March starting at 7:30 PM CET
Barcelona 🇪🇸 and Online 📡
Discover the full program: Critical Futures Talks: a new event series by the Master in Design for Responsible AI

Patterns Day
Thursday, 7 March 2024
Brighton 🇬🇧

SXSW Interactive 2024
Friday, 8 March to Saturday, 16 March 2024
Austin, USA 🇺🇸

Women in Tech SEO Festival
Friday, 8 March 2024
London, 🇬🇧

Next Week

Motion Plus Design Stockholm
Wednesday, 13 March
Stockholm, 🇸🇪

Design Standards Forum with The Kelsey
Wednesday, 13 March
Online 📡

Lecture: Designing our Futures with Indy Johar
Wednesday, 13 March
Malmö 🇸🇪 + Live-stream 📡

The Importance of Play ~ with Hyesu Lee
Wednesday, 13 March, 6:30 - 8:30pm EDT
New York City 🇺🇸

First Round / Los Angeles
Friday 15 March
Los Angeles

Softer Digital Futures
Saturday, 16 March
London 🇬🇧

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